Ad Stripping

Uncovering the Mystery of Advertising

About Ad Stripping

Q: Do I have to view this blog in a dark room all alone when no one is watching?

A: Not really, unless you are embarrassed at exploring the mechanics of good (and bad) advertising.  This isn’t really a “family” blog, but it isn’t obscene either.

Q: Is this an “Adult” blog.

A: If by “Adult” one means Mature, or Pornographic the answer is hell no.

Q: Is this blog vital to struggling businesses in a down economy?

A: YES! Thanks for asking that leading question.  Every business needs to get their message out the universe in a smart, responsible way.  That is what Ad Stripping is all about.  Deconstructing advertising, especially videos.  We’ll be dissecting what the big players are doing in a serious effort. RSS us and learn their secrets.  Together, we can 1up them at their own game for pennies on the Bens.


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